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An Intro to XRT Consultants

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An Intro to XRT Consultants

  • Posted by: Art Durnan
  • Category: Asset Management, Maintenance Management

Welcome to the Asset Managerment blog where I will share my thoughts and observations about all things Asset Management and other topics of interest. This is the rollout of our website and I thought perhaps as a start I would just write a little about me and my history in industry. This could get pretty long but it is not supposed to be a resume just a reference point for a start. In a virtual world, I find it best have some sort of common ground where we can all connect.

For most of my working life I spent a lot of it in the field fixing broken machines or troubleshooting processes that all too often were out of control. Failure was part of my life and I loved being in the reactive mode and getting the adrenaline rush of putting out another fire. I treated everyday like a battle, worked many 24 hour shifts running on night shift coffee and not enough sleep.

I ran large and small maintenance organizations and never had a real career. A career implies some planning but I did have great assignments in some spectacular locations. Slept on conveyor belt and foam pad in a man camp through an arctic winter and did fly in fly out to Western Australian Iron Ore mines where the day time temperatures can top out at 120 degrees. But I also spent time in boardrooms making pitches to execs about asset management and slept in plenty of 5 Star Hotels with marble floors and towel warmers.

It came to me early in my professional life that my success depended on the guys on the end of the wrench. They are one of the best sources of improvement ideas in any organization.

I said I did not have a real career and I meant at one company. In my walk through industry, except for a few detours, I moved from a junior engineer to plant engineer and on to a Director of Reliability, Maintenance Manager of single operations and multi operations until I reached a corporate job with global responsibility.

For the past ten years I have been doing two distinct jobs-large scale Asset Management improvement work and technology development and deployment. As the world moves along at this exponential pace keeping up is a challenge. In future blogs I will describe some the advanced work in prognostics and machinery health management my teams accomplished.

So that is about me. What I hope to do here is create a community where we can all discuss the current hot issues in Asset Management, tell a good story or two and support each other.

What XRT Consultants aims to do is offer the kind of support to you and your organizations that I wish I had when I was in the trenches. I can feel your pain even as I sit here and write. Just consider us like a bunch of good friends and crotchety uncles who will help you spend more time with your family.


Author: Art Durnan
With over 45 years of industry experience primarily in Asset Management, Art is an pioneer in Asset Management. Previously Art held positions in project management, engineering design, and process engineering in hydrometallurgical and pyrometallurgical processes.

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