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Maintenance Improvement

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Reliability – What does it mean?
  • Posted by: Art Durnan
  • Category: Maintenance Improvement

In September I was invited to sit on a panel at a meeting of the Global Mining Standards and Guidelines Group (GMSG) on the subject of reliability. I was lucky enough to sit with an esteemed group of experts who had many years of mining, asset management and reliability experience. “The Global Mining Standards and Guidelines…

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Sweating the Assets and Maintenance Debt
  • Posted by: Art Durnan
  • Category: Asset Management, Maintenance Improvement

There is a saying in mining that I haven’t heard in a long time and that is “Good Deposits make poor miners.” What this means is high grade or low strip ratios can make up for a lot of inefficiency. I think a corollary to this statement is that booming super cycles with high margins…

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Prognostics-What is it?
  • Posted by: Art Durnan
  • Category: Asset Management, Maintenance Improvement, Maintenance Management

This is the second part of a discussion on determining the future state of a machine sometimes referred to as Machinery Health Prognostics. I was fortunate enough to get some real world experience working with incredibly smart and capable people in this area, but must admit the math can be daunting. In the last blog…

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Using Data to Make Predictions on Future Machine Performance
  • Posted by: Art Durnan
  • Category: Asset Management, Big Data, Maintenance Improvement

In my last blog I made an attempt to demystify “Big Data”. In this post I’ll talk about how to use data to make a prediction of a future state of a machine. This is the first in a series of posts since the subject is broad and evolving. First, let’s just take a look…

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